Capitol City Expansion Benefits From National Conference

Capitol City Expansion's CEO discussed a recent national conference and the benefits it provided the team members who attended it. He also outlined the firm's immersive approach to training.

​Members of Team Capitol City Expansion receive a variety of travel opportunities, from educational seminars to relaxing retreats. The recent quarterly networking conference in Dallas provided a host of benefits to the hand-selected brand ambassadors who attended it. JC S., the Capitol City Expansion CEO, remarked, "I brought Steven H. and Kevin S. with me to the conference due to how they've excelled in their roles with our company. We all returned to the office ready to apply what we learned to tackle new challenges."

The conference provided hands-on training from accomplished people with all kinds of expertise. "It was an eye-opening experience being around so many top achievers," the CEO added. "The fact that our team members were also able to connect with the people they were learning from made the event even more valuable. Steven and Kevin in particular came back home with many helpful new connections to help them accelerate their development."

JC was also a keynote speaker at the conference. "It was an honor to speak in front of so many talented people," he remarked. "I was especially excited to have Steven and Kevin there with me for my speech. It was very inspiring to have Capitol City Expansion so capably represented."

Capitol City Expansion's CEO on the Company's In-Depth Training Approach

Traveling to big events such as the Dallas conference is an ideal complement to the Capitol City Expansion training program. JC explained, "We give every new hire hands-on training, and this immersive approach continues into our ongoing education efforts. Going to big industry functions is an extension of our developmental strategy. Nothing amplifies the lessons we impart on our team members quite like being in a room with dozens of successful people from all corners of our industry."

Mentorship is also a key element in the Capitol City Expansion training program. When team members network at industry conferences and other events, they find new sources of helpful advice to accelerate their development. "Our people learn from seasoned performers in our office when they first join our team," JC stated. "When they forge meaningful connections with accomplished professionals from other corners of our industry, they gain whole new perspectives on what it takes to sustain success."

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