Capitol City Expansion Celebrates 2018 Success

The CEO of Capitol City Expansion highlighted a few of the company's biggest wins of 2018 and goals for the coming year. He also shared his thoughts on the value of tracking professional accomplishments.

​This has been a productive year for Capitol City Expansion, with several major accomplishments to celebrate. JC S., the firm’s CEO, explained that growth within the company and many rewarding travel opportunities were among the most important developments for team members in 2018. He also noted that the firm’s brand strategists have learned more and performed better than ever before, creating momentum for a successful 2019.

In the year to come, JC hopes that steady improvement will take Team Capitol City Expansion to even greater heights. He added that there will be plentiful opportunities for brand strategists to advance their professional development, add to their networks, and earn promotions. There’s a buzz throughout the company’s workspace right now as 2019 goals come into clearer focus.

When it comes to putting ambitious benchmarks in place, the CEO emphasizes a few key concepts. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is clarity of purpose. JC explained that having well-defined outcomes in mind is what guides the most successful people. With specific results to frame their efforts, team members are well equipped to measure progress, make the right adjustments, and cross the finish line in a timely manner.

Capitol City Expansion’s CEO on the Value of Tracking Achievements

Around the Capitol City Expansion office, team members use various methods to keep track of their professional wins. Handwritten journals are popular choices, because writing down accomplishments is an ideal way to relive them and gain more inspiration in the process. Team members also use calendars to record the milestones they notch. This makes it easier to keep résumés completely up to date and chart courses for future achievements as well.

JC has also found that team members can strengthen their bonds by celebrating their achievements in the workspace. Enthusiasm for professional success is contagious. The CEO noted that as accomplishments are recounted, new ideas tend to start flowing as well. Looking for ways to build on success is a common occurrence around the Capitol City Expansion office. It’s often a direct result of marking a successful team project. The firm’s brand strategists have discovered that even the smallest team victories can lead to breakthrough wins for the companies they represent.

About Capitol City Expansion:
Capitol City Expansion, Inc. is a goal-oriented firm that specializes in the planning and implementation of potent advertising campaigns. These innovative programs increase brand awareness, consumer engagement, and market share growth using meticulous research and analysis. The firm’s strategy provides high-value returns by compelling consumers to keep coming back to the brands they represent. The firm’s impressive outreach initiatives nourish enduring, mutually beneficial connections between clients and consumers, far outperforming the competition. For more details on the services they offer, contact

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