Capitol City Expansion Interns Go Beyond Business 101

Capitol City Expansion's CEO details the immersive training offered through the firm's internship program. He also outlined a few types of questions that help identify the best college students and graduates to serve as interns.

​Members of Team Capitol City Expansion are equipped for long-term success through hands-on training. The same is true for those who complete the firm’s internship program. JC S., the company’s CEO, explained, “Our interns are college students, recent grads, and entry-level applicants who seek unique and rewarding careers. The in-depth training that comes as part of the program focuses on leadership skills, management practices, communication, and marketing basics. New additions to our team gain so much more than business 101 education.”

Those who take part in the Capitol City Expansion internship program also receive personalized guidance from seasoned team members. “Our experienced brand experts can speak with students and grads about how our in-depth training has sharpened their work ethics,” JC added. “This is an ideal way for interns to build confidence in their own skills, because they get to refine their own approaches by implementing outside perspectives.”

Business-focused trips to all areas of the country are frequent occurrences for the firm’s promotional specialists. Interns also get in on the act, building lasting relationships that can benefit their long-term career prospects. JC remarked, “Networking is a key element of our success strategy. We want those who come to us just starting their careers to understand the importance of diverse business connections.”

Capitol City Expansion’s CEO on Effective Intern Interview Questions

As with any new hire, Capitol City Expansion leaders pose a few key questions to potential interns during their interviews. JC commented, “Probably the most obvious thing to ask is what types of classes a person is taking or has completed. If there are clear connections between someone’s coursework and the position he or she wants to occupy, that’s a good sign. However, there are often indirect connections that can fuel meaningful success. Writing research papers, for example, is an experience that can pay off in various ways in a busy office.”

The firm’s hiring managers also want to know what types of skills a prospective intern will bring to the table. “Taking the time to align unique talents with job responsibilities is a great way for candidates to set themselves apart,” JC noted. “It shows us that someone is ready to apply him or herself and help us reach our company goals.”

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