Capitol City Expansion Team Enjoys Benefits of Travel

Recently, a select group from Capitol City Expansion returned from a wonderful trip. This travel experience is one of the many adventures offered to hard-working associates at this interactive marketing firm.

“At Capitol City Expansion, we enjoy the opportunity to send qualified associates on trips,” shared JC S., the firm’s director. “Where many company leaders are quick to eliminate travel opportunities in today’s business climate, I’m glad that we still provide them for our team.”

As JC explained, travel is not something in which all associates are able to partake. “It’s an earned reward,” he stated. “Capitol City Expansion’s team members are provided with specific milestones they must reach in order to go on trips. Those who have traveled can attest that it’s worth the effort to qualify.”

Leadership conferences are among the trips team members are eligible to attend. “These are reserved for our up-and-coming leaders,” JC explained. “The leadership conferences provide a wealth of industry knowledge. In addition to learning, they are invited to meet the top echelon in the field and network with associates from other regions.”

Training opportunities include road trips to a variety of provinces and cross-training events. However, the biggest function is the annual rest and relaxation retreat from which select members recently returned. “This trip is the highlight of the year,” said JC. “It takes considerable effort to qualify. It’s an all-expenses-paid excursion to a tropical locale. In addition to great food, exciting entertainment, and simple relaxation, team members receive recognition for their accomplishments during the year.”

Capitol City Expansion Director Shares Why Travel Benefits Firms

As JC noted, Capitol City Expansion is rare in that the firm’s managers still consider travel to be a necessity. “People are generally surprised to learn that we think travel important to our team’s growth,” he stated. “At many firms, it’s perceived as an unnecessary luxury because professionals can simply use technology to connect with anyone from anywhere.”

“For our team, it’s about face-to-face interaction,” he added. “We believe connections are better made that way. Therefore, we delight in the opportunity to meet leaders and associates from other regions in person, rather than just through e-mail and sometimes phone conversations. A stronger bond is formed when you’re in another individual’s presence.”

JC noted that for associates, travel helps improve skills like time management, patience, and confidence. “When you’re traveling, you have to be more creative at times,” he said. “You learn to manage yourself in different surroundings, with different people. This helps instill stronger coping skills as well.”

“Overall, I’m pleased that we still prioritize this opportunity,” JC concluded. “I believe as a whole, we’re all richer for the experience.”

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