Capitol City Expansion Catches March Madness Fever

March Madness is now in full swing and the team at Capitol City Expansion is ready to play along with their own version. The interactive marketing company's managers are organizing a competition that mirrors the famous NCAA tournament.

JC, Capitol City Expansion’s president, said “Many of our associates are caught up in collegiate basketball action, so we decided to take advantage of this and start an office contest that plays nicely into March Madness fever.”

While the team won’t be shooting hoops, JC explained that there are other goals they will have to attain in order to win. “We’ve set up brackets, like the NCAA, and everyone has set sales and office goals to meet in order to advance to the next round,” he said. “The challenges will become more difficult as they head toward our version of the Final Four and the Championship rounds, where the stakes and prizes are much higher.”

“It’s great to see everyone so immersed in this experience,” JC added. “Even those associates who aren’t college hoops fans are getting into the spirit and taking part. I think this is going to be a lot of fun for everyone, and a tremendous opportunity to step up our game as well.”

Capitol City Expansion Discusses Why Offices Competitions Are So Great

 According to JC, the Capitol City Expansion managers frequently hold contests and competitions to boost morale and productivity. “We love contests because everyone has a goal to work toward, but it’s done in a friendly spirit,” he said. “Tying a competitive aspect to objectives adds an invigorating edge to our everyday operations. It’s an extra dose of motivation.”

“The best part of these competitions is that we see a surge in productivity,” JC added. “Team members have specific objectives they need to meet. They can track their progress and see their standings. While they’re enjoying this activity, they’re also developing goal attainment strategies. Contests like this in which each level becomes more challenging are particularly effective.”

JC concluded, “When you connect something that is fun and engaging with real business objectives, like this March Madness-themed competition, you’re adding an element of energy to your workplace atmosphere. This is very much a part of our company’s culture. Ultimately, when our people are excited about work, they deliver better results for our company and the brands we represent. It might be a contest, but in the end, everyone wins.”

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