Capitol City Expansion, Inc. Discusses Company Culture

At Capitol City Expansion, Inc., it's common to see team members eagerly collaborating with each other. There may even be a friendly contest taking place. Managers cite this reflects the positive culture they strive to cultivate.

“When someone walks into our office and says how friendly and fun we are, I’m always elated,” said JC, Capitol City Expansion, Inc.’s director. “This is the type of atmosphere we’ve worked hard to establish.”

JC shared that at Capitol City Expansion, Inc., the importance of building a positive culture has been at the forefront of their operations since the beginning. “I think everyone recognizes that when the office environment is welcoming, when team members are visibly working together, and when there’s a sense of energy and enthusiasm in the air, it’s a good place to work,” he said. “People want to do business with a company that embodies the principles and values they share.”

“Happy offices suggest trust, cooperation, and professionalism,” JC added. “When you deal with a company at which associates seem uninterested in helping you or respond negatively, it’s a reflection of the overall culture. I like to learn from those companies what not to do. For example, if you have to go through multiple levels to get a solution to a simple issue, this tells me people aren’t empowered. At Capitol City Expansion, Inc., we provide our team with the resources they need to make decisions. This leads to a more positive customer experience.”

Capitol City Expansion, Inc. Managers Share How to Build a Cohesive Team

JC noted that building a positive company culture requires having a cohesive team. “You have to continually nurture your culture,” he said. “This means you must be committed to ongoing efforts to solidify working relationships between team members.”

According to JC, teams are dynamic entities. “If your company is like Capitol City Expansion, Inc., it’s always growing,” he noted. “As it becomes more diverse, it’s important to continually offer team bonding activities that allow associates to get to know one another in a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s hard to understand someone’s perspective if the only time you interact with them is during a deadline.”

The firm features many fun events as well as training sessions that bring everyone together. “We have dinners together,” he added. “Sometimes, we’ll do something crazy, like go bowling or play miniature golf. Laughter is a powerful bonding mechanism.”

“I hope that someday, when our associates are retired and reflect back on their career here, they remember working hard,” JC concluded. “I also hope they remember the fun they had and the friends they’ve made. This is what builds a great team.”

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