Capitol City Expansion, Inc. Focuses on Continuous Training

Capitol City Expansion, Inc.'s director detailed the firm's commitment to ongoing teaching. He also discussed how a college football powerhouse inspires the company's training techniques.

​The leaders at Capitol City Expansion, Inc. understand the importance of constant training so they can keep up with the rapidly evolving marketplace. “Technology changes at a dizzying pace, and market trends follow suit,” remarked JC Seals, the company’s director of operations. “We focus on continual improvement within our firm because it’s how we stay ahead of the competition.”

JC and the rest of the Capitol City Expansion, Inc. leaders make sure that new hires become used to constant learning right from the start. “When we bring in a new associate, that person gets paired with a seasoned team member,” the director said. “I believe that this type of one-on-one training is unmatched when it comes to preparing talented people to thrive within a competitive industry. Our top performers go the extra mile to make sure that every new hire is comfortable and well equipped to succeed from the start of their journey with us.”

Ongoing development within the company comes in the form of monthly team training sessions. JC explained, “We focus on different topics from month to month, including customer service, organization skills, and goal setting. Our intent is to keep our entire team focused on improving and expanding their skill sets, and I think learning together is the ideal way to accomplish this.”

Capitol City Expansion, Inc.’s Director Shares Insights From the Oregon Ducks Football Team

The University of Oregon has become a football power in recent years, which is why the leadership team at Capitol City Expansion, Inc. draws inspiration from the Ducks’ success. “While the team is known for running a wide-open offense and wearing flashy uniforms, we are more interested in the leadership style that its coaches have adopted,” added JC. “It’s a less confrontational approach than what you normally see from the college football sidelines.”

Head coach Mark Helfrich explained the approach by saying, “We have excellent specialists in their field, great leaders of young men that need to teach guys what to do, to show them and tell them and find a way to bring that home. There’s hopefully way more talking than yelling.”

When players make mistakes, Helfrich and his assistants make a point of calmly telling them how things can be done better. They don’t berate them or remind them of what they did wrong. JC said, “It’s important to talk openly with your associates about mistakes or performance issues. You don’t have to insult their intelligence or put undue pressure on them to be perfect. We have learned a lot from the University of Oregon football program here at Capitol City Expansion, Inc., and we look forward to emulating their coaching methods for a long time to come.”

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