Capitol City Expansion, Inc.'s Presentation Training Program

Capitol City Expansion, Inc. regularly offers educational opportunities, the goals of which are to improve personnel's public speaking abilities.

Capitol City Expansion, Inc.’s director, JC, discussed the company’s training program, which provides team members with opportunities to improve their abilities, particularly their presentation skills, by learning from senior management. “It benefits both the team environment and the individual,” he said. “Members observe and participate. They acquire self-confidence, and it isn’t long before they are participating in major campaigns. We have also discovered a significant improvement in quantifiable presentation results.”

JC stated that this progressive program allows team members to move through the company’s ranks. “With plenty of drive and focus, anyone can progress as far as they would like, and the ability to present is an important part of this. It requires self-assurance and competence to speak. Of course, they may do all this in their own time. They have some freedom to customize their schedules according to their comfort levels.”

Capitol City Expansion, Inc. Focuses on Improved Presentation Skills to Benefit Everyone


This focus on presentation is about personal growth as well as the growth of Capitol City Expansion, Inc., JC said. Public speaking skills make a difference in a business’s reputation. “As a company, we cannot remain static. We have to evolve with the world, and we have to present that evolution well. As part of our goals for team development and overall progress, we intend to use our team’s potential for powerful public demonstration.”

“We have learned that many of our personnel are unsure of their speaking abilities, particularly in front of a group,” he continued. “We hope our efforts to resolve this issue will build optimism and determination. The more our group develops professionally, the more confident they will be, and that leads to happier people and long-term retention.”

The general improvement of the team is an important factor in this program, JC claimed. “To work well as a team, they must convey themselves well, and they must aid one another in talking to the public,” he said. “They need to speak together, and apart, in ways that develop authority and integrity with observers.”

“This specialized training program,” he concluded, “is built with everyone in mind. Our goals are to help our team perform better for the business, and increase their own specific talents for their particular career aims. With this sort of initiative, everyone involved with Capitol City Expansion, Inc. wins.”

About Capitol City Expansion, Inc.

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