Capitol City Expansion on College Recruitment and Careers

Capitol City Expansion's managers have been on a recruitment mission and visiting local college campuses in search of new sales and marketing talent. The team also offered valuable career advice to those about to graduate.

Were excited to meet with new college graduates, said JC S., Capitol City Expansions president. They have so much energy and enthusiasm. It makes our recruiting efforts a challenge because there is so much talent to choose from.”                                   

JC noted that Capitol City Expansions managers are specifically scouting for individuals who are eager to embark on long-term sales and marketing careers. Not a lot of businesses today can say that they have progressive tracks for new associates to follow, he said. In most cases, people are hired for specific positions and they either remain in those roles for years or move on from the companies in order to advance. Our philosophy is different. We believe in helping our associates grow with us. This is one of the points we focus on during our college recruitment visits.

The companys training program is comprehensive and ongoing. Our new associates spend considerable time learning everything possible about our process, JC added. They start with demographic research and move steadily into creating and executing campaigns. All the while, theyre being coached by our managers and other seasoned team members. No one tells them to just do it.

JC said that Capitol City Expansions company culture makes it easy for team members to achieve their goals. Were all about team work and collaboration, he said. Our mission is to help everyone succeed.

Capitol City Expansion Managers Offer Career Advice

According to JC, one of the noticeable issues the Capitol City Expansion recruitment team has pinpointed is how many new college graduates are uncertain where their career paths are headed. There are many students who picked majors that interested them as freshman, and now that theyve completed their studies, they still dont know in what directions their educations will lead them, JC said. This is the time to map out a vision of where you want to be in one year, five years, or even 10 years from now. Focus on what knowledge and skills youve acquired and research fields to which you can apply them. You might be surprised how many doors are open.

JC noted the other issue is often experience. Even if you know where you want your career to land, you might not have all the experience needed even for the entry-level positions, he said. This is when you have to step back, assess what your deficits are, and where you can gain that hands-on expertise. Internships are great for adding experience to your resume. You can also join appropriate organizations in order to network with those who are in leadership positions.

Whatever position you accept, ensure that you draw on relevant experience that could be applied to your intended career aspirations, concluded JC. More companies are looking for diverse experiences and knowledge as part of their recruitment processes. If you can demonstrate that your capabilities are transferrable to different fields, your career options will be greatly expanded.

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